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Steering knuckle of chasis /pitman arm/ driving axis series
Link rod / brace for car / motorcycle series
Forging parts of tool series
Forging parts of ball joint series
Balance axis forging
                Enterprise Brief
      Wenzhou Shishi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the original solid Ruian Zhongtian Forging Co., Ltd. made the reorganization, the company was founded in 2003, Ruian Forging Industry Association..
      Forging industrial base located in China, with capital of China Auto Ruian City, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway, running through the Wenzhou-Fuzhou Railway, near Wenzhou airport and train station, traffic quickly and easily. The company has a 630T, 400T, 300T friction press-based forging production line equipment, the use of intermediate frequency furnace heating, while the company also has CNC milling machine, electric spark pulse, grinders and other auxiliary equipment, make sure to provide customers with quality products..

      Company specializes in producing all kinds of automobile, motorcycle parts rough, the main products are: Universal Crankshaft series; chassis, rear axle shafts, wheels, steering knuckle arm, the arm shaft and transmission shaft series; automobile, motorcycle connecting rod series ; balance shaft series; Ball series; power accessories; tools forgings.

      After years of exploration and practice, the company formed a "quality survival, reputation and development" purposes; people-oriented, innovation, pursuit of excellence in management philosophy. Young and dynamic and rapid transit development in the forging, warm look forward to cooperate with all well-known enterprises, joint development and achievements.

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